Immediately after the creation of Eurocorps in 1992, it was decided to put our army corps at the disposal of NATO in order to show to the allies that Eurocorps was not only a new European unit but was also complementary to the defence efforts of the Alliance. Since the signature of the SACEUR agreement in 1993, Eurocorps can be placed under the command of SACEUR to develop shared training and planning with NATO.

Constantly available for NATO operations, Eurocorps maintains regular contacts with its sister headquarters in order to share experience and facilitate mutual support. Eurocorps conducts constant training and knowledge development to improve operational effectiveness within the NRF community and is committed to the new NATO doctrinal approaches. Eurocorps’ unique feature of having members from many different troop-contributing nations means that it has exceptional and effective means of conducting liaison with these sister headquarters.

Always maintaining its capabilities, Eurocorps has already been engaged in four different NATO operations


NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia Herzegovina

Role : Participation to the mission


NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) in Kosovo

Role : In lead of the mission for the first time in its history

2004 - 2005

NATO International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan

Role : Eurocorps in lead of the mission


NATO International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan

Role : Eurocorps personnel as individual augmentees in different headquarters in Kabul

DCOS I and ABrigadier General Stéphane PAU

After having completed the French officers’ school at Saint-Cyr in 1987, Brigadier General Stéphane Pau chose infantry. He mostly served in the French Foreign Legion in French Guiana and in France. In particular he took command of the 4th Foreign Legion Battalion. He commanded also the Joint Center for Actions on the Environment, the French CMI/CIMIC and Influence Center in Lyon. He was posted twice to the US at the 2d division of the USMC and within CENTCOM. He has participated in several missions in Africa.

DCOS SPT / ENABBrigadier General Wojciech KUCHARSKI

Brigadier General Wojciech KUCHARSKI worked for almost the entire career at Land Forces stage - from a Platoon Commander to the Deputy Chief P3/P7 on the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces level (including missions – Chad, RCA and service abroad - EU Brussels). From 2018 BG Kucharski is appointed to DCOS SPT & ENB in HQ EC.
BG Kucharski graduated from the Military Academy of Armoured Forces in Poznań and War College, Center for Higher Military Studies and the Institute of Higher Studies of National Defense in Paris.

DCOS PLANS / OPSBrigadier General Fernando Luis GRACIA HERREIZ

Brigadier General Fernando Luis Gracia Herreiz has served in the Spanish Legion for almost 12 years since 1988 being deployed in Bosnia, Croatia, Sudan, Lebanon, Afghanistan and as Spanish Senior Representative in the USCENTCOM in Tampa (Florida) (Inherent Resolve). As Lieutenant-Colonel he was appointed Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion of the X Mechanized Brigade. As Colonel he was Chief of Strategy and Strategic Plans in the Defence General Staff in Madrid. He is currently DCOS OPS of Eurocorps since September 2019.

Deputy CommanderMajor General Josef BLOTZ

Major General Josef Blotz, born on November, 22nd 1956, joined the Armed Forces in 1975. He has been appointed to numerous national and international posts, served as Brigade Commander, in the DEU MOD, at NATO HQ and with the UN. Since Sept 2019 Major General Blotz is the Dep Com Eurocorps. In his career he was deployed to missions in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Libya.

Commanding GeneralLieutenant General Laurent KOLODZIEJ

Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej was commissioned into the French cavalry in 1987
and served in the French Foreign Legion in Orange and Djibouti. He was the commander of
the light armoured regiment of the French Mountain Brigade (4th Cavalry Regiment) and later
of one of the French amphibious brigades (6th Light Armoured Brigade). He led the
department of international engagements on behalf of the French MoD and was the Chief of
Staff and then the Commander of RRC France before taking command of Eurocorps in 2019.