A Force for EU and NATO

Eventhough Eurocorps remains steadfast in its commitment to NATO, a more balanced approach to the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy institutions is being conducted.

in every sense

Currently, nine European Union countries are present in Eurocorps, representing 335 million inhabitants and around 66% of the total European Union population. Turkey is also a member of Eurocorps.


Eurocorps is a highly experienced headquarters, having being engaged in NATO stand-by periods and operations from the Balkans to Afghanistan as well as in European Union stand-by periods and training missions in Africa.


Current Operation


Recent years’ developments on NATO’s eastern flank have prompted it to speed up and strengthen the NATO Response Force and establish a Very High Readiness Joint Task Force with a response time of only a few days. Said initiatives are exclusively intended to protect NATO member states, a point reasserted during the NATO Summit 2019 in London.

EUROCORPS is now starting into its third NRF standby period, but there have been fundamental changes since its last rotations in 2006 and 2009, because taking over command today means potentially leading up to 65,000 ground troops in high-intensity warfare. EUROCORPS will be subject to even shorter response times in 2020, with a view to deploy Land Component Command personnel and equipment to staging areas within 30 days. Should a crisis erupt, member states including Poland, Germany, France, the USA, to name just a few, will subordinate troops to Eurocorps.

EUROCORPS, an outfit formed by 10 nations, is aided in its mission by its multinational scope and extensive experience gained in just about every major operation under NATO or European Union command.

We also stand as a powerful reminder of the mutual complementary nature of NATO and European defense, in the best sense of the term.

Commanding GeneralLieutenant General Laurent KOLODZIEJ

Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej was commissioned into the French cavalry in 1987. He served in the French Foreign Legion in Orange and Djibouti. Among the highlights of his career were his command of the light armoured regiment of the French Mountain Brigade (4th chasseur regiment) and later that of one of the only two French amphibious brigades (6th light armoured brigade). He was also appointed French military attaché to the United Kingdom in London. He was Commander of RRC France before taking command of Eurocorps since 2019.

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