A Force for EU and NATO

Eventhough Eurocorps remains steadfast in its commitment to NATO, a more balanced approach to the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy institutions is being conducted.

in every sense

Currently, nine European Union countries are present in Eurocorps, representing 335 million inhabitants and around 66% of the total European Union population. Turkey is also a member of Eurocorps.


Eurocorps is a highly experienced headquarters, having being engaged in NATO stand-by periods and operations from the Balkans to Afghanistan as well as in European Union stand-by periods and training missions in Africa.


Current Operation


Following its recent commitments for the European Union in the Central African Republic in the framework of a training mission to the benefit of the local defense forces (EUTM RCA), Eurocorps is in the preparation phase for a NATO operational certification. In 2020, Eurocorps will take on a standby phase for the Atlantic Alliance. By then, several exercises are foreseen to reach a high level of interoperability and meet the operational criteria set by NATO. This will be Eurocorps’ third standby phase for the NATO Response Force since 2006. Eurocorps hence demonstrates its capacity to ensure uninterrupted switching from EU to NATO operational commitments.