European Battle Group

An European Union Battlegroup (EUBG) is the minimum militarily effective, credible and coherent, rapidly deployable force package capable of stand-alone operations or for the initial phase of larger operations.

The EU Battlegroups are framed within the context of the Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union. They are based on a combined-arm, battalion-sized force, reinforced with combat-support and combat service-support elements. In their generic composition, but depending on the mission, Battlegroups are about 1 500 personnel strong depending on lead nation’s decision.

The EUBG is to be deployed in a distance of 6.000 km from Brussels. It is to be capable of achieving initial operational capability in theatre within 10 days after decision of the European Council has been taken to launch the operation.

It must be capable of operating as stand-alone force for up to 30 days with a possible extension to a maximum of 120 days duration from Initial Operation Capability onwards.

Since July 2016 the Eurocorps, as first multinational headquarters, assumed the role of the deployable Force Headquarters of two consecutive EU Battlegroups:

  • 2nd semester 2016
  • 1st semester 2017

In that role Eurocorps had to be able to conduct combined and joint operations in the light of the comprehensive approach and had to be certified after a challenging exercise cycle to meet defined military criteria.

Commanding GeneralLieutenant General Laurent KOLODZIEJ

Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej was commissioned into the French cavalry in 1987. He served in the French Foreign Legion in Orange and Djibouti. Among the highlights of his career were his command of the light armoured regiment of the French Mountain Brigade (4th chasseur regiment) and later that of one of the only two French amphibious brigades (6th light armoured brigade). He was also appointed French military attaché to the United Kingdom in London. He was Commander of RRC France before taking command of Eurocorps since 2019.

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