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French general paid visit to Eurocorps

The French general in charge of international relations in Paris was welcomed by the German Eurocorps commander in order to discover our multinational headquarters. During this visit, the general was able to get a good impression of the Eurocorps’...

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Signal Company change of command

Change of command at the signal company of Eurocorps in Lebach. The Military ceremony were attended by the President of the Federal State of Saarland, Mr Tobias Hans, the Commander of Eurocorps, Lieutenant-General Jürgen Weigt, and a higher number...

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Two years engagement for the EUTM

Eurocorps celebrated the end of the two years engagement for the European Union in the trainings missions in Mali and Central African Republic (EUTM). The Major of Strasbourg, Mister Roland Ries, emphasized his pride in his soldiers from Eurocorps...

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