EUROCORPS commits to learning

Strasbourg.     On the 14th and 15th of January 2020, the Commanding General of EUROCORPS, Lieutenant General Laurent Kolodziej, hosted academics to discuss operations planning activities. The aim of the organizational learning by EUROCORPS, in its role of Land Component Command in NATO Response Forces (NRF Land) 2020, was to enhance knowledge and improve readiness.

As continuous improvement requires a commitment to learning, the EUROCORPS audience explored the expertise provided by SHAPE, the Joint Forces Commands Brunssum and Naples, the Joint Logistics Support Group Brunssum, Land Command and US Army Europe. In addition, EUROCORPS’ key personnel and planning community exploited in a case-study subject matter expertise at the tactical level to operate and to command and control more effectively.

The academics were also a venue to foster excellent relationships with the Commanders of the NRF main subordinated units and other external participants. Around 100 staff officers used the opportunity to get a wider picture about operations planning.

EUROCORPS not solely on its way towards a learning organization but greatly enhancing its readiness! EUROCORPS’ high level of readiness and preparedness makes it fit to be deployed on very short notice and employed in the whole spectrum of Alliance missions.

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