EUROCORPS deploys its multinational detachment to the Central African Republic

Strasbourg, EUROCORPS ‘QUARTIER LIZE’, 26 January 2022 – At dawn 40 soldiers of EUROCORPS are packed and ready to leave for the Central African Republic (CAR). Their mission is to help build a modernized, effective and democratically accountable local Force (FACA – Les forces armées central africaines) for the Central African Republic.

Before they leave for the airport, LTG Devogelaere, Commander of EUROCORPS, addresses them: “You will be acting in a larger game. And, each of you has a specific role in it. You do not know how the situation will evolve, but you are well trained. Our EUROCORPS predecessors have made it a professional mission. I wish you much success and a safe return.”

“The Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC), as the permanent Operational Headquarters of the European Union (EU), is the commanding body while one nation contributes a brigadier general to take command in theatre. During the first semester of this year 2022, it is Belgium’s turn. Brigadier General Jacky Cabo will take over from a French general on 03 Feb 2022. General Cabo departs with a delegation of 40 multinational soldiers from EUROCORPS.

We wish the General Cabo and his multinational Team a good journey.

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