The Land Component Command Commander´s Conference 2019

Eurocorps hosted the 25 and 26 of September the Land Component Command Commander’s Conference (LC4) in Strasbourg. In the framework of the NATO REACTION FORCE (NRF) alert for 2020, Eurocorps will be the land component command for NATO.

The conference opened by LTG Laurent KOLODZIEJ (FRA), Commanding General of EUROCORPS, brought together participants from 12 countries. In his opening remarks, LTG Laurent KOLODZIEJ highlighted: “Bringing together the representatives of the main subordinated units for the first time and networking is one of the main objectives of the conference and this event, as a major milestone towards NATO Response Force 2020, should enhance common progress in the same direction.”

NRF 20 Force representatives shared their assessment on readiness in transparent dialogues. EUROCORPS expected NRF actors to collaborate positively and engage each other’s competences and initiatives, as well as acknowledging contributions towards a single common goal “a successful NRF 2020”.

MG Xavier WATTEEUW (BEL), Chief of Staff EUROCORPS, reminded the audience about the joint aspects of the NATO Response Force whilst COL Jan ØSTBØ, Norwegian Army – Deputy Commander of the Very High Joint Readiness Task Force (Land) 2019, shared interesting experiences and lessons learned captured from their 2018-2019 activities. Participants expressed a consensus about tackling remaining challenges, exploring deeper details and making things happen in a multinational environment.

LTG Laurent KOLODZIEJ called for continued training, asserting EUROCORPS is united and ready for taking any NRF 2020 mission and its main subordinated units are primed for action.

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