Poland, about to become 6th Framework Nation of EUROCORPS.

Strasbourg, December 16, 2021 – Poland has been an Associated Nation of EUROCORPS since 2002. End of November 2021, the Republic of Poland agreed to become a EUROCORPS Framework Nation by signing a “Joint Declaration of Intent”. Currently, the Polish Parliament is debating a Note of Accession. One month after the expected signing of the “Note of Accession”, Poland will become the sixth Framework Nation of EUROCORPS. EUROCORPS remains confident and looks forward to welcoming Poland in its group of Framework member nations.

The Framework Nations of Eurocorps jointly make all fundamental decisions regarding Eurocorps’ operations and employment, and make essential contributions to its workforce, funding and equipment. Austria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey are Associated Nations. They are entitled to a limited number of posts at EUROCORPS and do not participate in the decision-making process regarding its operations and employment, though they are naturally consulted in advance.

EUROCORPS exists 30 years, and is highly respected for its military capabilities and performance in international operations. The accession of Poland as Framework Nation will further strengthen EUROCORPS. The Headquarters of EUROCORPS remains an attractive candidate for the support and active participation of other European nations.


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