Facing the storm! Even the Storm Sabine can’t stop the reconnaissance for EURETEX 2020! In 2018 it took part in Saragossa, Spain, this year it will be realized in Elsenborn, Belgium. Combat engineers, Geology/Meteo, Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), divers and even more from eight nations. They all will have the opportunity to exchange and to train together. The main aim of the exercise is to share the experiences of the different missions, get an overview about the material and the methods of each other.

The representatives of the different participating units are at place to get an overview about the setting. Good conditions especially for the Meteorologists and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). The demolition sites even support blasts with metal. That mean scenarios with improvised explosives, like the engineers have to face in missions like Afghanistan, Mali or Irak are possible to train. And the share of experiences of the eight nations even started: All areas like Sappers, CBRN, Infrastructure, EOD, Geology/Meteo and the divers plan and prepare the exercise together. So everybody can share his experience for the benefit of all.

This is the real spirit of Eurocorps Engineer Training Exercise.

Germany, France, Luxemburg, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Lituania are the participating nations to Euretex 2020, the Engineer Training Exercise. Euretex is also one of the biggest Engineer exercise in Europe. EURETEX will start end of september 2020 and will run two weeks and is held all two years under the lead of Eurocorps.

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