Shooting noise at Lebach

Eurocorps is a multinational military staff. But there are also a lot of military units, which supports the staff and their subordinated units to make the work possible. This includes regular military training like shooting.

In order to improve the shooting skills of Eurocorps CP Coy soldiers (Command Post Set Up Company), they were deployed to Lebach from 13-16 Nov 2017. The German barracks in Lebach conduct basic shooting training at all levels to ensure basic skills for the soldiers from all participating nations. Around forty soldiers from Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium got at first a dry training for MG3 and G36. This included also shooting in the simulator. After that the soldiers were ready for the life fire training with the German machinegun MG3 in “Idar Oberstein”. That was the last Life Fire Training for CP Coy this year.


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